How To Effectively Lose Weight While At The Beach

How to Effectively Get Rid of Extra Fat While at the Beach 

Do you plan on going to the beach and staying there for an indefinite amount of time? If so, then you probably don’t want your beach body to go to waste as you lounge and eat all day every day. Well, the good news is that it is completely possible to maintain your current body weight or get rid of more fat while on the beach. In fact, the beach is one of the best places to workout because it has a very demanding terrain in the form of sand.

If working out at the beach is one of your top priorities at the moment, then here are four great beach exercises that will help you lose weight and tone your body as you build up your stamina on vacation and take full advantage of the exhaustion and the heat that will come therewith

1. Lunges

Lunges refer to stretching exercises that are quite tricky to do on sand, most of all if you use weights to strengthen the hamstrings, calves, glutes and quads while you do them. This exercise happens to be great building up the strength in your lower body, most of all if done on sand. 

To start, stand up straight with your legs apart. Then, step forward with your right leg and lower the rest of your body while making sure that your back stays straight and your front knee doesn’t go past your foot’s toes. Stay in position when your glutes are aligned with your front knee. After that, raise up your body until you are standing up straight again and do the same with your other foot.

2. Push-Ups

Push-ups may take a while to perfect, most of all if you want to work on your core while you’re at it. A lot of people seem to lower their upper body too much instead of staying parallel from head to toe as they do their push-ups. If you do things right, though, you won’t be able to avoid using your core while doing push-ups at the beach because the unstable surface of the sand will force your core into action. Don’t do push-ups on your knees when at the beach, though; your knees will hurt a lot if you do. 

3. Running

If you are used to running and using a treadmill, in general, then you should know by now that running on sand requires much more effort overall. So, as tempting as it might be to run barefoot while at the beach, you might want to wear proper running shoes to keep your ankles safe and to prevent grazing or cutting yourself as you run. 

4. Volleyball

Volleyball is a taxing cardio workout to do at the beach, but it will work out your entire body, including your legs, arms, torso, abs and your core. The best part is that you can play this game with your friends and stay fit or lose weight together.

Overall, exercising at the beach is definitely much tougher yet more rewarding at the same time, helping you lose more pounds like never before.

Written by Howard Managing Director at Gymkit UK, find him on Google+. Howard is an expert in new and used gym equipment – Please click here to view Howard’s website:

Karate Lesson

What A Kid Can Expect At His First Karate Lesson

When kids decide to take on martial arts, they are excited and nervous at the same time, because while they are looking forward to training, most have no idea what to expect. We can inform students and parents alike that while nerves are understandable, there is no need to worry because the first few lessons for a beginner will be of an introductory nature. Parents don’t have to worry about their little ones coming home with bumps and bruises, as kicking and punching will not be on the menu just yet. While this will be a blow to impatient students aiming to emulate The Karate Kid, keep with the program, you won’t regret it!

First Lessons

The majority of the first few classes will involve teaching the philosophy behind the art of karate and basic information on the uniform required, including details on how to wear it properly. Other elements of a beginner’s class include fitness training, skills assessment, etiquette, and perhaps some very basic techniques with an emphasis placed on showing students how to keep a tight fist and low stance while maintaining concentration. It is a good idea to encourage all students to come to classes with an open mind and be genuinely ready to learn.

Basic Training Elements

There are three basic elements in beginner’s karate training which are as follows:

  • Kihon: These are the basics and involve kicks, punches, and blocks which are used in easy combinations for newcomers and difficult combinations for advanced trainees. These techniques may seem repetitive, but they will become more challenging as you progress. Basic training will start to work your mind and body as you learn how to improve sharpness, speed, and strength as well as using your entire body to deliver a strike or block an incoming attack.
  • Kata: This is a vital part of karate training and involves 20-plus pre-arranged fighting stances against imagined opponents. The idea is to practice these moves which include kicks, punches, sweeps, and blocks as a means of perfecting your skills. The more you practice your techniques, the more likely it is that karate moves will come naturally to you in the heat of a real fight.
  • Kumite: Beginners don’t necessarily have to worry about Kumite right away, as it is sparring. A responsible karate school will not have your kid near sparring for a minimum of couple of months, until he has become relatively skilled in his basic training. When your child does start sparring, it will be a simple three-step type of sparring, where the defender steps back, blocks, and launches a counter attack.

Things To Remember

It is important for your child to be aware that all beginners make mistakes and he should not feel down because he made a basic error, since it is part of the learning process. Your child also must be prepared to listen and learn, as well as showing enthusiasm. After a certain period of time, things that seemed impossible will be basic for your child and he will develop the confidence to improve further, becomming a highly skilled karate kid.

Featured images:

I’m Devin and I enjoy writing about karate-related topics, such as various styles of martial arts, where to find a Chandler martial arts instructor, and the benefits of learning Taekwondo.

So long fatty

Before I had children I was a serious gym bunny.

I owned Lycra. I actually looked kinda good in Lycra. I didn’t need to wear a massively baggy T-shirt over the top of everything to find the courage to work out in the gym among the heavily made up women and the shiny, muscle-bound men.

I thought high energy aerobics classes were sweaty heaven and I would skip into classes with names like Boxercise, Triple Challenge and Super Step.

Yes, I was that hugely annoying girl at the front of the class kicking her legs so high you thought I was deranged or just sad.

That all changed.

Lycra and I fell out big time and I haven’t allowed it anywhere near my house since 2002.
I had my children later in life. I was 34 when I had my first and the second followed 3 years later.

So did the weight gain.

I guess you can add this to my list of excuses for still carrying around my ‘baby weight’.

I have blamed everything from my mum’s defective genes (why couldn’t she give me the genetic code that meant I could snap back into shape?), to my husband killing me with kindness (“go on, have a chocolate HobNob with your cup of tea. Go one, just one. Maybe two . . . “). Even my children have been held responsible for making me love them more than going to the gym.

I mean who wants to go and sweat next to 16 other women when you could be playing tig or making dens on the bed with two munchkins? No contest.

These days it feels like I now have the ability to gain weight by osmosis. I have to run down the cake aisle in the supermarket for fear of having my cells expand just by breathing in too deeply near the chocolate muffins.

Somewhere between the pelvic tilts and the breastfeeding I developed a fatal attraction to sugar.
Of course I ate plenty of sugar before, but I never (whisper it) had my own secret stash around the house.

And let’s face it, when you’ve spent ages slaving over a roast dinner/plate of sandwiches/slice of toast you become some kind of food hoover because you can’t bear to see it go to waste.
Same with treats or biscuits or crisps or puddings or anything sweet for that matter.
I mean it’s rude to hand them out and not have one yourself. One, two, seven who’s counting?

The fabulous cake in the picture was actually baked for me by a very good friend and her two children to mark my 40th birthday this Friday.

It has now become a bit of a symbol for my weight loss.

I don’t want to give up the good stuff and make life dullsville by denying myself (and by default everyone around me). But I don’t want to be strolling out the other side of 40 with a serious hang up about my weight and my health.

So now this has got to stop.

It has got to stop for the sake of my health, my wardrobe and my sanity.

I want to lose 30 lbs as that is what I have gained since having babies.

Ok so it’s not a massive amount, but this is a want echoed among many many mothers out there who found that for every baby they had, 14lbs in weight just magically attached itself to their middle region.

I mean how does that work? I race around this house like a wind-up toy. I’m up and down the stairs at least 25 times in one evening. I should be lithe and athletic looking, not lumpy and wobbly like a comfy old sofa. I’m too darn young for that!

So, the buck stops here as they say.

Like Dave and Dave, I am going to shape up.

Diets are a total no no for me. If you tell me I can’t have chocolate fingers I want 6. Boxes of.

And so – and here is the most important thing for me - my weight loss goals are going to be manageable and not impinge on family life.

I started yesterday. Baby steps. I didn’t tell anyone things were changing. I didn’t make any grand announcements or declare that the fridge was out of bounds. Or make them eat a pound of lettuce and a single raisin.

I just made small changes. And I felt powerful.

I will reveal exactly what changes I am making next time.

And just for the record, yes I did have a slice of the cake and yes it was absolutely delicious and yes I did share it out! I fear it wouldn’t have survived a postal journey, so the two Daves missed out.

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Dave Fowler’s Daily Update – Number 4

Thursday 4th December 2008

Today is ‘Bodyweight Day’ so I’m going to defer the exercises until later on, even though I still got up early.

Running is a time critical activity. I can only run at two times during the day, either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, and I don’t really want to leave it until the evening because I know I’ll have a thousand excuses for skipping the run.

Picture: PoisonedMemories

This morning I had to fight the urge to go running again. It was tempting to put one in the bank over and above my intended three runs per week. It’s probably a good idea in principle and as the weeks go on it’s something I’ll consider doing, but for the moment I need the rest days in between the runs.

Pounding the hell out of my legs in the first week I get back to running is likely to do more harm than good. I’m still heavier than my joints would like me to be and the burden of the extra weight I’m carrying isn’t joint friendly. I need to let my body get used to the new way of things before I push it any harder.

The rest day in between each run will allow my legs to recover and I should see improvements in my speed and stamina a lot quicker.

Besides, it’s raining and it’s cold. So I’m staying in. :D

Don’t read on if you’re eating, you’ve just eaten, or you’re about to eat.

I was deliberating over whether to mention this at all, but it’s part of the experience so I think it’s justifiable.

My change of diet, my leap into exercise and my very early starts have shocked my body into emptying the bad stuff in a big way.

I’ve had a grumbling feeling in my bowel for the last few days and yesterday I became lighter as a result.

I feel much better for it and I don’t feel nearly so bloated.

Putting less food into my system should probably equate to less waste and the increased fibre intake should improve my digestive transit. Plus, I remember from last time I was on the health kick, that it felt good not to be so full of crap.

OK, that’s enough of that now.

Have a good day with your eating plans, and try to find some time to get a little exertion into your day. It all helps.

In the meantime I have to prepare to post some more pictures of myself in my garish shorts. Don’t forget to come back and have a look. :D

NOTE: The main post of the day is from Dave Fowler. Warning: There is some semi-nakedness involved

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Public Accountability For Weightloss

If you’re anything like me, you won’t be fond of the idea of looking foolish in public under any circumstances, let alone those which could be utterly humiliating.

So why publish cringe worthy pictures of my semi named form in such a public arena, with all the ugly bulgy fat bits hanging off me? It’s crazy, right?

Picture: LadyMetalbeast

The idea of broadcasting your fat bits for all to see is possibly one step too far for most people – and I completely understand why.

I think many of us spend a considerable amount of time going out of our way to present an image we want other people to see, or more accurately, disguising that which we don’t want them to see.

We don’t want people to notice the ugly bits of our personalities or our bodies because it would leave us vulnerable to hurt, anxiety, shame and other negative emotions. So we deny them the opportunity to hurt us by covering up the ugly and we carry on regardless in the safety of our disguises.

I’m not knocking that, because it’s a defence mechanism and it allows us to operate normally on a day to day basis. Without our disguises many of us would probably be gibbering wrecks.

So we don’t show people our fat bits because to do so reveals a harsh truth about ourselves. Perhaps a truth we’re not ready to face?

Unless our excess weight is the result of a medical issue or a deliberate choice, our blubber reveals to others so many of the bad choices we’ve made in our lives. It tells them something of our mindset and our character, and allows them to deduce in just seven seconds that we’re possibly ill educated, ill disciplined, lazy or careless.

Pretending that we don’t care what other people think is probably a self-deceit at some level. If it were true, we’d go out wearing ridiculous combinations of clothes based on their comfort, usability and price not their style or appearance.

We’d turn up for job interviews in torn jeans and with last night’s sleep drool still evident on our faces. We’d have grubby fingernails, unkempt hair and we’d openly scratch at our itchy ‘parts’ while breaking wind.

Rightly or wrongly most of us care what other people think because it’s linked to the way we feel about ourselves.

And that’s why I’m doing this. I want to feel good about myself. I’m doing it for ME..

Yes, I’m uncomfortable having these pictures on the net, but the motivation to want to change those ‘before’ pictures for the ‘after’ pictures is immense exactly because of the ideas I’ve outlined here. And that’s one hell of a driving force.

I concede that this approach is not for everyone - but it works very well for me. It might even work for you too.

When you start to see the improvements with comparison pictures and people start to comment on the improvements you’ll feel tremendously empowered to continue and it’ll help to see you through the tough times.

I urge you to take some before pictures of yourselves. You don’t have to show them to anyone else. You don’t even have to look at them just yet. Just have them somewhere safe for now.

In the coming weeks when my pictures start to show some real improvement I hope that you will notice and remark on what you see, and whether good or bad, your remarks will motivate me more than you can know.

So now to this week’s pictures. There’s not a marked difference as I’ve only lost a pound since the last ones were taken. Although I seem be fatter and I have a lumpier backside this week. Should the socks go in the front? :P

Other than my natty boxers I have no disguises. I’m open to the truth. I do this because I know I can change and I’m betting on myself to do it. If I lose the bet, I’ll be just another fat bloke on the Internet and I’ll carry that stigma with me forever.

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Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

Even at my lowest point this last week I never once considered throwing in the towel – but I did let it slip from my grip on occasion.

Picture: notsogoodphotography-

When life starts to make extra demands on my time or throws in unexpected issues for me to contend with, the simple act of getting fit becomes much less simple.

My troubles started last week when I felt the first symptoms of a cold brewing. Since the first warning signs, the cold has become a little worse and leaves me feeling dog tired.

This general fatigue led to my waking time moving from 4am to 5am.

Failing to get up early enough meant that exercising then cut into time I’d set aside for other important tasks and I found myself becoming anxious because I was losing ground.

I don’t know whether that’s connected with what happened next but I woke up with a stiff shoulder which then progressed to my neck. I found it difficult to sleep with a painful neck and slept in even longer until 6.30am.

The next night I decided to go to bed earlier to get more sleep, but that was the night my children woke me TEN times in total. My alarm went off at 4am and I didn’t even waste my time reaching for the snooze button, I just turned the damn thing off and woke at seven.

With my cold progressing nicely and my senses dulled by poor quality sleep, we made a trip to visit family for a birthday party. I was tired, hungry and fed up but I enjoyed the party food. My brother in law did the decent thing and took me to the pub for a couple of beers.

After passing up a slice of birthday cake we spent an hour and a half getting home, we put the kids to bed and I nipped out to get some hot food. Not the best idea but I couldn’t face cooking, I couldn’t face rabbit food and I couldn’t face being hungry.

The next day I was up late again and didn’t run, firstly because I didn’t get up in time and secondly because my neck was still sore.

When my wife then decided that she wanted to paint the living room I was tasked with looking after the children. Not being a school day I had to entertain them upstairs because they couldn’t be trusted to roam free with the freshly painted walls just aching for dirty hand prints.

Later, we did the outdoor thing for a while but then it got to lunchtime and home wasn’t a good option so I opted for…. McDonald’s! Yay! Superb decision making!

Actually I don’t mind this bit because it was a spontaneous bit of fun for the family. My children get to eat Happy Meals about twice a year, so a third time wasn’t going to hurt.

I enjoyed what I ate and I don’t regret it – we had a great time.

That same evening we took the kids to a Pantomime at the local theatre. It was a production of Aladdin and it was fantastic – but it involved eating ice cream during the intermission. Okay, this one I regret as I could have easily abstained.

It was half way through the performance that I felt a pinching sensation halfway down my spine. It got worse and I knew I’d trapped a nerve – doing nothing!

Cold, stiff neck, trapped nerve. Great.

To compound my woes I also came face to face with the prospect of having to return to work. It’s come as something of a blow as it’s not at all what I want. Of all the directions I saw my life taking, a backwards step was not amongst them. My return is not scheduled until the end of March so I have three more months of being a Stay At Home Dad.

I don’t know how many of you know about my former employment status, but I’ll be returning to my role as a Police Officer.

It’s a job that’s difficult enough but leaving myself open to the ridicule of having my fat photos reproduced in the local newspapers is not my idea of fun. I’m sad to say that I’m going to end my crazy routine of posting pictures of me in my boxers and I’ll be taking down the existing pictures.

So it’s been a tough week but I’m not quitting. On the contrary I’m even more determined to succeed.

I’m not a quitter.

I’m a winner.

The difference?

I believe the difference is a state of mind.

What techniques do you employ to keep a winning mindset?

I hope your answers will help me maintain mine.

I’m giving up

I know, I know, shocking headline!
Rest assured I am most definitely NOT giving up on Blog To Fit, or throwing in the towel here.
Like David Wright yesterday, I am giving up the junk. Starting today.

For a couple of days now I have been keeping a written diary of what I eat.


It isn’t until I saw it written down in black and white (or crayon as I’ve been reduced to sometimes) that I realised just how much food I shovel in my mouth every single day.

I am a grazer. I am a cow.
It has shocked me in to action once again.
I thought I was pretty healthy overall. I eat three balanced meals a day that I prepare from scratch, I eat plenty of fruit and veg and I glug down as much water as my body can take.
All I need to do is cut back a bit on the chocolate and biscuits and get moving, I thought.
But having kept that food diary I am appalled with my eating habits.

It is very clear that I eat when I am bored.

Which is not to say that I am sat around with nothing to do all day. Far far from it.
But I do find myself cruising by the fridge or the kitchen cupboards looking for a quick fix more often than I care to admit.

But at last week’s Wednesday Weigh In I challenged notSupermum to be really really good for one week – together, the two of us, supporting each other, egging each other on, seeing each other’s disappointing frown if we should ever stumble or fail.
Let me tell you notSupermum, as I wrote ‘mince pie’ on that list TWICE, I thought about you on every pen stroke.

Earlier this year I attended a couple of hypnotherapy sessions as part of my job (writing for a British newspaper) and it really worked for me.
I stopped eating for the hell of it. I ate when I was hungry and I drank more water than ever before because my body was telling me I was thirsty rather than in need of sustenance.
I lost 7lbs. Just like that. Without even trying or thinking about it.
But then I went through a stressful period at work and, well, once again I turned to food for comfort.

This is the challenge I face. Food is not fuel for me, it is a comfort, something to help me cope, something to see me through.
For some people it is drink or cigarettes or whatever vice they choose to mask emotion.
For me it is the ‘bad’ stuff. It is biscuits, it is chocolate, it is a slice of cake, it is another mince pie. It is something sweet after my dinner.
My ‘treats’ are no longer that because I indulge ALL THE TIME.

And so, at those hypnotherapy sessions I did pick up some really good tips which I am going to reintroduce myself to this week.
I do not want to fill my body with rubbish. I do not want to fill my body with fats that sit around my heart and my arteries and strip hours off my life.

So I am giving up the crap. Sure I know that at this time of year it’s going to be even more difficult than normal with so much temptation and so much stress, but I figure if I can do it now, well, I’m pretty much cruising.

So my question to you is: For the sake of your health, are you prepared to ditch it too?

Oh and the photo? Just some of the crap I gathered from around the house in 3 minutes flat in order to get a photo for this post.

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Do you need to be skinny to be successful?

Like it or loathe it, celebrity culture has a massive impact on our everyday lives.

When the likes of Victoria Beckham, or Katie Holmes, or J-Lo appear perfectly groomed and squeezed into a pair of uber skinny jeans a few weeks after giving birth, us mums can’t help but feel a little peeved.

Sure we all know it’s totally ridiculous and that those women who appear in glossy magazines a matter of weeks after giving birth claiming that breastfeeding or motherhood or some other mystical force that was never bestowed on us mere mortals has magically made them shed every ounce of baby weight, are well, they are lying.

We all know that. And yet we still kick ourselves and berate ourselves that we should be able to do that too. I’m sure I could look like I’d just stepped off the pages of Hello magazine if I had a lipo surgeon on speed dial, a personal chef and my own in-house spray tan booth.

And it’s not just the new mums with a baby belly to shed who have been setting this frightening trend.

Shockingly, it seems you cannot be a rising star these days unless you shed every ounce of fat and – more shockingly – become ‘talk about’ thin. Sometimes skeletal, unhealthily thin.

It seems the old saying: “You can never be too rich, or too skinny” is the mantra of many these days.

America’s current comedy darling Tina Fey claims she only found fame after losing 30lb on a WeightWatchers programme.
She wasn’t even that heavy before, but once she shifted those pounds suddenly the world sat up and took notice.

Then there is Victoria Beckham who is so thin now it is said she can fit into a pair of boys’ age 8 jeans.
And she has never been more revered.

Actress Kiera Knightly’s star has rose massively and very quickly – and so has exposure of her jutting bones and painfully thin frame.

Famously, an agent told aspiring actress Jennifer Aniston to shed 30lb, which she did and landed the part of Rachel in Friends.

In England, footballer’s wife of the moment Cheryl Cole can do no wrong. She recently went through the trauma of discovering her famous hubby had cheated on her and the stress make her drop weight at an alarming rate.

And don’t even get me started on the car crash that is Amy Winehouse.

Another incident worth note is in the Sex and the City movie – which I LOVED – when Samantha Jones’ ’shocking’ weight gain is met with gasps of utter shock from her close buddies. Was I the only one sitting in the movie theatre thinking ’so bloody what?’ She walks in having gained about 14lbs and her ‘friends’ all act like she’s gone up 3 dress sizes.
What message does this send to women everywhere?

Sure, I want to be slimmer, but I don’t want my collarbones to show and I don’t want to lose my curves.
Does this mean I’m never going to get anywhere in life?
Does this make me a failure because I carry a bit of meat on my bones?

All these too-skinny-for-their-own-good celebrities are wearing a bit thin now (sorry!).
The tyrany of thinness has gone too far.

Am I over reacting or are we being subjected to an unhealthy picture of perfection.
And what about the young girls for whom these women are role models?
What do you think?

Challenge: You pick what I eat

A tip for the mom (or dad)-on-the-go!

When you’re a working parent, it’s hard to find time to make healthy meals for the family. Thankfully, the good folks at Tyson have come to the rescue. Pressed for time? Just turn to the back of a box of “Honey Battered Breast Tenders” (*notice chicken is not in the name of the product) for their “Easy Week Night” recipe.

How do you make honey-battered greasy pressed meat even better?

Throw a heap of tenders on top of some frozen pancakes and add syrup! Voilà, instant dinner for four!

Oddly, the Department of Children and Families’ Services phone number is not included on the box.

Why is all the tastiest, best food so bad for you?

One of the things we said we would do at BlogToFit is to issue occasional challenges. This first one is a challenge to myself, though you are certainly free to join. The thing is, I imagine that the problem I face is probably unique to me and very few other people.

The problem: I hate most foods.

Let me reiterate, I hate most HEALTHY foods.

Like many people of my generation, I was raised on a diet of cheap and easy food. Microwave meals and fast food were ARE the common staples of my diet. It’s not that my parents fed me crap – this is what I chose to eat once I could afford to buy my own food. It was quick, easy and yummy!

I never developed a taste for healthy food. Even as a child, I was a finicky eater and rarely ate anything that was out of my comfort zone of meat and potatoes. I have since given up most meat (other than poultry), thus limiting my menu even more.

I don’t eat fish. I don’t eat salads, I don’t eat vegetables or fruit. I can’t remember the last fresh thing I ate – probably a banana that was going to go bad because I bought too many for my son.

My diet is boring.

My meals consists of pasta, potatoes, rice, chicken, and probably a few other items. Every. Single. Day.

Thankfully, my 19 month old son has not inherited my bland taste. He is open to new things and still developing his palette. The problem is, he is at the age where we are feeding him “adult” food and I don’t want to give him the same crap I eat. I want the whole family to eat healthier and more diverse foods.

So here is my challenge to myself for this month: introduce two new healthy foods to my diet per week. I know it might not sound that drastic, but trust me, it is a major step for me.

Here is where you come in.

I need some help.

I’d like for you to make some healthy suggestions. You can suggest foods and even offer recipes if you feel inspired. I will pick two new things to try from the suggestions each week. Then I will write about it.

The only stipulations: I will not eat any meat other than chicken or turkey (that includes fish). I cannot eat mangoes – allergic. Finally, the food has to be something that isn’t crazy expensive and can be found in a normal grocery store. There are no health food stores close to me.

Other than that, go crazy!

And if you are one of those rare people who doesn’t like most foods, feel free to join along and blog about it at your blog and/or comment below.

Oh and that atrocity which begins this post? Yeah, that came from my freezer. Granted, I never fed this to my child nor did I eat the “tenders” on top of pancakes.

Not that the idea didn’t cross my mind.

Daniel Craig I Am Not

I’ve just turned 40, I’m overweight and out of shape but I’m pretty excited about it.

Sounds odd, I know, but let me explain….

I’ve been looking forward to turning forty for quite some time now because I recognise it as one of those coming of age moments.

I fully expect my forties to define me. I feel that this decade will be ‘my’ decade, not just in the arena of fitness but life in general.

I loved my thirties because that’s the decade in which my children were born, but with regard to my physical condition, they weren’t exactly my proudest years.

For the last ten years I’ve usually been somewhere between 30 and 40lbs overweight and at varying degrees of fitness ranging from unfit to nearly fit. I’ve had glimpses of a 6 pack and I’ve carried a modest amount of muscle, but neither of those conditions is reflected in my current state.

I could reel off the usual raft of excuses but I’m not going to.

Whilst I’m happy to learn from the past I’m not going to dwell there.

This venture is all about my present. It’s about making good decisions and taking action to bring me a fitter future.

From the outset I want you to know that it is not my intention to set myself impossible fitness goals.

I have no immediate aspirations to look like [insert name of physically fit looking actor dude here] although I see nothing wrong with taking inspiration from such individuals.

I’m not going all out to get super-fit, I just want to achieve what I know is possible for ‘me’ given ‘my’ unique set of circumstances.

What’s possible for famous actor dude, may not be possible for me, and that’s fine for now.

The changes for the better start right now.

There are two habits I want to develop:

  • The habit of regular exercise
  • The habit of managing my food intake

Regular exercise does not mean a punishing and unrelenting daily routine of pain inducing exertion.

It means having fun with fitness, mixing it up and keeping it interesting.

In a similar way, managing my food intake does not mean existing on a
diet of broccoli and water – nor does it mean having to give up absolutely everything I enjoy.

I want to take a sustainable approach to both elements and build them into a lifestyle I can enjoy for years to come.

Next Thursday I’ll tell you what I want to achieve and how I’m going to do it. Thereafter you can expect a brief daily update every morning.

On a final note, I’m determined to get some great results and as a mark of my determination I’ll be posting some pictures of my progress for all to see. So next Thursday you’ll be able to see the before pic whether you want to or not. You’ve been warned! :D