Blog to Fit is where I’m gathering the best information I can find about health, fitness and weight loss.

I’m a programmer by profession – how did I end up here?

I kind of fell sideways into the fitness world.

First, I was with a martial arts club, initially as a student, and then as a trainer. The training was hard — actually, it redefined my definition of hard — and I was there three times a week. Over the years I became leaner and stronger, and so did most of the people around me.

But I noticed that some people – people who trained just as hard as I did – never seemed to lose any weight. I trained children who did more exercise than anyone else I knew but still became heartbreakingly overweight.

Then, throwing in my job, training and practically everything else in my life, I went travelling with my partner for a year. We visited a lot of the developing world and found that many “first world diseases” have been exported all over the planet.

We saw countries where in the space of ten years obesity has gone from being unknown to rivalling levels in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. We stayed with a family in Mexico where seven out of eight siblings had Type II Diabetes. The eighth was pre-diabetic.

Yet here at home and everywhere else in the world we’re drowning in health messages that still aren’t quite loud enough to drown out the latest ads for our favourite fast food, sodas and snacks.

Clearly, there’s a need for simple, effective and shame-free information that can help people improve their health and get closer to being their best selves. I want to add something to fill this need.