Easy ways to keep your spine healthy

Diagnosing and treating the causes of the back pain can take some time whether it’s a spinal stenosis, herniated disc, or strained muscles. Back pain can get you into a lot of troubles and sometimes it gets impossible to get rid of the back pain.

There are many reasons that may cause the back pain, therefore, you must take good care of your health and body so that you may keep your body in a healthy and fit condition. Spine Center Charlotte NC can provide you helpful information about maintaining your spine.

In this article, we are going to share a few simple and easy ways that can help you stay safe from all kinds of back pain and that can help you feel more and more comfortable.

Sleeping posture

You don’t realize but your sleeping posture causes many bad effects to your spine. You need to lie down on the bed in a way that the structure of your spine may get relaxed and rejuvenated. There are a few things included that can help you maintain a better sleep posture.

The main thing that causes effects to your spine is the mattress. You need to make sure that you only use the good quality mattress otherwise, your spine will severely get damaged. The second important thing that can keep your spine in the shape is the pillows.

Placing the pillows in a proper way can help you maintain your sleep posture. You can correct your posture with the help of pillows if your current posture is wrong. Your personal preferences, your specific neck or back problem, and your preferred sleep positions also play an important role in choosing the pillows and the mattress.

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Proper exercise

Exercise is another useful way of keeping your abs and back in a well-structured position. You need to make your muscles strong enough so that they can support your spine properly.

Unfortunately, during our everyday activities, we rarely use our core muscles. We need to do specific and targeted exercises to keep them in the proper position. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to perform these simple exercises.


Shoes are also very important in supporting your lower back whether you’re going somewhere or walking for exercise. Your spine and body remain in alignment with the help of good quality shoes.

Benefits of massage

Do you know that in addition to general stress relief, there are numerous therapeutic benefits of massage? Endorphins are the natural painkillers in your body that are found in your bloodstream. These painkillers can be increased with the help of a good massage.

This will help you stay away from harmful medications. Massage can speed healing in the affected area and can bring healing nutrients back because it encourages blood flow.

You can also have some benefits of Swedish and shiatsu massage by having a massage chair in your home if you don’t want to go to a massage therapist.

Take as much advantage of these tips as you can to keep your spine in a better structure. Click here and learn more ways of keeping your spine healthy.