Food Game: Good Food vs Bad Food

good food vs bad food

Time for a fun food game

This is where we test your health reflexes with a rapid-fire game.

How to play

We’ll show you a food – you decide if it’s GOOD or BAD by either:

  • typing ‘G’ and ‘B’ (Good and Bad) on your keyboard, or;
  • by clicking the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ buttons.

How to score points

You gain points by answering correctly, and lose points by missing a turn. The pictures will get faster and faster!

See how many points you can get in seconds.

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Food Game Notes


Scores go up by one for correct answers, and down by one for missed turns or incorrect answers

You gain extra points by getting lots of correct answers in a row. Extra points kick in at streaks of 3, 5, and 10 correct answers. You’ll never lose more than one point at a time!

Good Foods and Bad Foods

Basically, anything unprocessed is going to be good, and anything processed will be bad. The tough ones are the cooked food. I know that folks in the middle of keto or slow-carb diets will balk at labelling an apple ‘Good’, but there you go. It’s good unless you’re hacking your metabolism.


So, if something isn’t working for you, write me at [email protected] to let me know. Use a really obvious Subject line like ‘Food Game Doesn’t Work’, and then tell me exactly how it doesn’t work, so I can fix it for you :).

Roll Credits

And finally, thanks so much to all the Flickr photographers who’ve made their images available under Creative Commons licenses:

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