Can Smoking Affect Your Fitness Results: A Trainer’s Perspective

It is an obvious fact that smoking is a bad habit and it can seriously damage the cells in your body. Therefore, everyone should try his best to stay away from this habit. It is found in a recent survey that more than 30% athletes are caught in this habit and they can’t find any way to get rid of it.

It is also found in the research that most of them are not happy with this habit due to its negative effects on their body and many of them are found searching “quit smoking no cravings” techniques on the internet.

But unfortunately, they are unable to find a proper solution to this problem. So, if you are an athlete or want to become one, then you must stay miles away from this habit otherwise, you’d have to quit your profession due to this everlasting disease because solving this problem is a major headache. And sometimes, it may take a lot of time to quit this habit.

In this article, we are going to talk about the effects that smoking can make to your body. We hope that it will help you make the perfect decision. Here are some effects that you can suffer from due to smoking.


The stamina is the most important element that helps in improving your fitness. If you are a regular smoker, your stamina would become under a threat and you won’t be able to practice several tasks the way you want. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself from this habit so that you may remain healthy and fit throughout your life.

Breathing issues

The smoking is a habit that directly affects the performance of your lungs and it doesn’t let you breathe properly. As a result, you can’t perform several tasks in a proper way. Thus, you can move towards improvement and this negative change keeps taking you backward. The breathing issues can also lead you to several other health issues. So, you must avoid such kind of habits if you really want to dominate the others.


The obesity is the most common problem among people that are regular smokers. There is no doubt that there are many other factors that can cause obesity but smoking is one of the major factors that put a serious impact on your health. The obesity may cause several other health problems in future. Therefore, it is imperative that you avoid this habit as soon as possible if you really want to stay healthy and fit throughout your life. However, if you are not careful about your health, then you can do whatever you want.