7 Soft Drink Health Risks You Didn’t Know About

soft drink health risks

We all know we should avoid soft drinks, right?

They’re the low-hanging fruit of calorie reduction. Their link with Type II Diabetes (also known as Metabolic Syndrome) is becoming stronger.

But how about pancreatic cancer, or osteoporosis?

I have to admit it.

The occasional fizzy drink will pass my lips. Usually when I’m utterly flat, tired and in a bad place for making good nutrition decisions.

They’re well marketed and sometimes hard to resist.

If you need help resisting the sweet fizzy soft drink lure, check out the rest of the infographic.

Health risks of soft drink infographic

Soft Drink Health Risks


We can see that soft drinks carry a lot of risks that we don’t get to hear about.

It’s great that soft drinks are being banned in many schools, but education on healthy eating needs to extend to our homes and into our kitchens.

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Feature Image Credit: Flickr user Jef Harris, released under Creative Commons 2.0

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